Christmas Club - June

In six months time it will be Christmas Day! Yes, that thought does excite me and yes I realise what means to the view that you have of me!

There is a lot that changes over the next couple of months, shops start thinking about putting Christmas displays out, adverts for Toys will start being noticed by children more than normal, catalogues will start being circled and its time for grown ups to start working out budgets and who is sleeping where when Grandparents stay over at Christmas!

Almost to prove the point that shops have already started preparing for Christmas I have been invited to preview the John Lewis Christmas preparations next week, and they will be giving me the lowdown on what products are set to be hot this Christmas and what else will be trending. Maybe this year we will know what the children in our lives want for Christmas before they do!

This month for Christmas preparation it is all about the lists. I need lists for everything, lists of what gifts to get, what gifts I have got, who is getting a card, who is getting a visit, what gift wrapping products I need, what batteries I need, what clothes we need and of course a list of lists would probably be good too!

Don't forget if you write a Christmas letter or round robin, make a note of what has happened this month!