Dear So and So - The Non Gambling Custard Eating Edition

Dear Man who tried to sell me Lottery Tickets at my front door,

When I say I don't gamble as it's against my religion you don't answer;
"Well I've sold tickets to other Christians and they are going to donate any winnings!"

Thanks for noticing my hair anyway.

The non gambling when it suits her lady, safely hidden back behind her front door.


Dear Flyfour,

Thanks for going and getting me custard and sponge cake this week. It did make my period cramps a lot better. Hopefully next week I'll be less mood swingy. I said hopefully, so that doesn't make it a promise.

Love and kisses The Hormonal Crampy One.


Dear Neighbour,

You know your prized open top car that you keep locked in your garage and only get out on Sunny days?

Stop revving it outside my open bedroom window when I'm sleeping or I'll throw a bucket of water on you.

Love thy Neighbour.


Dear Lovely People Reading this blog post,

Go and read some more from Kat and also please go and nominate me in the MAD Blog Awards in the Family Fun Section. We are a good fit for the Blog of the Year, Family Life and the School Days categories too...

Yours Fingers Crossed for a Nomination Three Years Running


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