What We Are Eating This Week (W/C 7/04)

It always makes me laugh when people tell me how wonderfully behaved my children are and for the most part they are, but as I have alluded to getting them to eat a wider variety of meals isn't always easy. I remember reading once that you have to offer a food ten to fifteen times to a child before they stop seeing that food as new and accept it as something that they eat. As far as I can tell that's a lie because my children try things time and time again and still refuse them one day and eat them the next! Oh well, maybe by the time they move out they might eat my cooking without complaining and if I'm really lucky it might be this week.


On Saturdays we have a take away, normally it is something like a McDonalds or a Burger King but with it being the end of Lent I'm hoping that I can persuade Daddy that I deserve a Chinese! Seeing as we won't have another Take Away this month I think we can afford it. I don't think that the children will want to give up their McDonalds for a Chinese and so we'll eat after they go to bed... maybe.


It's becoming a tradition that on Easter Sunday my Mum comes over to share lunch with us. It's also a tradition that we have Roast Lamb because of the price of Lamb being what it is and because my Mum loves to gnaw on the Lamb bone! This year I am going to stud the leg with rosemary and garlic and I've never done it this way before so I'm quite excited! Of course it will be served with my famous Roast Potatoes, various vegetables and other optional extras. I make a good roast and with a starter (Prawns) and pudding (Crumble maybe) too, I doubt we'll need to eat for the rest of the day.

A Roasted Leg of Lamb


Following the hopefully wonderful meal we had yesterday I think we'll need something lighter and simple for dinner and so I've planned for a Veggie Spaghetti. I'm going to use red onion, pepper, onion, mushrooms, courgettes, tomatoes and some of the leftover lamb if it hasn't already been eaten in sandwiches and general picking every time we go in the fridge!


It's fish night in the A Mothers Ramblings house and so we are going to have a Rosti Fish Pie. It combines two of my favourite things, fish and Rosti. I'm out in the afternoon on Nick Coffers radio show on Three Counties Radio, so the Rosti Pie is something that is quick and easy to make when we all get home. I've never made it before but I know that the children love a Rosti and I'm hoping that this means they will eat the pie without complaint!


We are out for the day and we aren't sure when we will be back so I'm planning Jacket Potatoes as I can throw them in our microwave and then in the oven to crisp up if we need something to eat. If we have eaten out during the day then the potatoes can be used next week.


Top Ender, Big Boy and I are loving our little family nights whilst Daddy is out at work and we are making the most of our ability to eat Gluten by eating the foods that we love but that Daddy can't share. Tonight we'll have some battered chicken, because I can't get used to making batter using the gluten free flour and my chicken goujons are fantastic!


We are off camping with David Bellamy. I know right? I can't wait! Anyway, whilst we are camping we are being fed and watered so I don't need to worry about food. I do know that there is a cream tea at one point and I'm hoping seeing as we are camping there is going to be some form of BBQ meat. It's almost as good as the tents that we might be sleeping in.

I'm going to link up with Mrs M again this week, so take a look at her meal plan and the others that link up too if you are lacking some dinner inspiration as there is plenty there to chose from!