What We Are Eating This Week (WC 21/04)

Here are the plans for dinners this week. I will get my butt into gear and start blogging lunches again as Top Ender and I have some great plans for Friday lunches and I've come up with some fairly decent "adult" versions too! The meals this week are mainly relying on things that we already have, although Daddy went out last night to get a few bits and pieces (Cat Food, Washing Powder, Milk, Salad, Ham, Bread, Fruit etc) and we are planning on making some sweet and savoury treats over the weekend to last us for the week.

We are really tight in our budget this month and so we are planning on not having a takeaway for lunch. We just need to convince the children that their weekly treat isn't a good idea too. We have some Gluten Free Burgers and Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets in the freezer and we have chips too so we could serve them home made take away and combine it with making some cars for a personal drive through. I'm actually really excited about this now!

It's been a while but we are going to have a proper Roast today! We have a Chicken, potatoes which we will roast in goose fat, a nice selection of vegetables and because we are gluten free I will make some lovely gravy too. I love making gravy from scratch now that I know how to do it and it tastes divine! I'm going to do something special with the Chicken although I'm not sure what just yet. We have lemon and rosemary and I think they go with Chicken... It's funny I'm getting "adventurous" and I think it's partly to do with letting everyone read the weekly menu and partly because I'm trying new things because I've realised how easy they are!

Roast Chicken

It's St George's day so I was planning on making something English and decided that Shepherds Pie would be the best option. Daddy loves Shepherd Pie, but he has asked me not to include peas in it this week. Well you know what I say don't you? If you don't want peas, make it yourself and as I'm making it, there will be peas!

Daddy's Shepherds Pie

It's Jacket Potato night so we are going to have Tuna Melt Jacket Potatoes. As far as I can remember it's basically jacket potatoes with some tuna and cheese and that makes it all gooey and sticky and yummy. At least I think it does.

Top Ender has a friend coming round for tea again tonight so the Children are going to have Fish Fingers as that is what they have decided on. I was going to make Fish Finger Pie or possibly my Mum's Fish Finger Surprise, but only my Sister and I like that so we'll just stick with plain fish fingers, beans and some form of potato. I bet they want chips. Daddy and I will have a curry... if I have curry powder. If not then we will have leftovers!

As Daddy is working late and Big Boy, Top Ender and I make sure to eat something that he can't we are going to have something containing huge quantities of egg. I'm thinking a Frittata or a Quiche. If it is a quiche then I'll serve it with potatoes and sweetcorn and if it is a Frittata then it will have potatoes and sweetcorn in it!

A Home Made Quiche

I had a dream last week and in it I made Creamy Pasta with Sausages. I cut the sausages up into bite size pieces and quickly fried them off with a little garlic and some chopped onion. I then added some Chicken stock, cream, mustard and some herbs that were in the cupboard. At the same time I was cooking some pasta and then I served it all mixed up together. It was a good Friday night dinner when served with some home made garlic bread so that is what it will be. I just hope it will be or my dreams have a lot to answer for!