Indecent Exposure - Big Boy Giggles

We don't care that much about gender specific toys here and so when Big Boy brought down Top Enders Barbie dolls to play with we didn't really care. Daddy and I were watching the Boat Race and Big Boy was playing with the dolls at our feet and it was when Daddy tapped me to look at what Big Boy was doing that I started playing attention.

Big Boy was taking all the clothes off the dolls before sitting them into the car and driving them around the living room.

"Why are you taking the clothes off the dolls Big Boy?" I asked
"They want to get arrested." Said Big Boy
"They are fed up of living here."
"So they are taking their clothes off?"
"Yes. They will get arrested and go to jail and live there!"

Big Boy playing with Barbies

I think I might try the school run naked . I need a holiday.