The Influence Of Social Media - Top Ender Giggles

It's been a while since we had a Top Ender Giggles, because Tops hasn't been funny. No, not really! Top Ender is always funny, there has just been a lot that I couldn't share!

So Daddy, Top Ender, Big Boy and I had gone for a walk at the local shopping centre (okay so really I had gone to look at the bag I'd like for my birthday which you can read about over on Pippa World and if you want you can go and buy for me) and we were having a great time chatting together, trying to lose each other behind different displays and generally having fun!

Daddy started to tell me a story about work when Top Ender started repeating everything he had just said. We looked at Top Ender and asked her to stop repeating her Daddy. She stopped and looked at us and said;

I'm not repeating Daddy I'm retweeting him.

Top Ender at Milton Keynes Tree Cathedral