What's Your Favourite Salad?

I love me a Salad.

The first Salad I remember taking a picture of

Take a look through my Instagram images and you'll see plenty of Salads scattered through the images of the children, selfies and pictures of my socks. I love socks as much as I love salad.

Daddy and I had been eating extra healthily last week. Daddy had been following the Atkins Diet after a work colleague had had some great success on it and I was just sticking with my usual combination of Diet Shakes, Salads and sensible evening meals. Anyway, as I prepared a salad for me to eat one day, Daddy looked at me as if I was crazy.

Whilst I was making my salad look pretty by adding various chopped vegetables and other items I wanted to include in my Salad, Daddy stood by watching and claimed I was ruining a perfectly good salad. It so wasn't true. A truly good salad, according to me, contains cucumber, tomatoes, spring onions, celery, radishes, peppers and probably a half dozen other different ingredients according to what is in the fridge and how I'm feeling.

I posted a couple of pictures of our meals one night, both looked good enough to eat (well that's the point!) and said to Daddy that I'd determine who's meal looked better based on the number of likes that each picture garnered.

I won.

My salads are always very traditional however, some form of green leaves, traditional salad vegetable accompaniments (occasionally I have added raisins, dried mango or other fruits and fresh pineapple) and I'm looking for ideas.

What are your favourite salads? What do you add to make them special, fun and most importantly tasty?