A Free Christmas and Rudolph Club Days

This last Christmas, thanks to some savvy buying, use of vouchers and Swagbucks we managed to have an almost free Christmas. That was including all gifts, food, drink and treats and I think that is pretty good.

The Children opening their Stocking gifts last Christmas


This year, I'm aiming for a totally free Christmas and I know that if I want to be successful at this, that I need to start planning early.

Which is why, this year I'm going to be having Rudolph Club days again, I haven't really taken part in Rudolph Days since 2010, and that was a long time ago!

Rudolph Club Days, for those of you who don't know, is the 25th of each month, where you prepare for Christmas. It could be that in January, you take stock of the decorations that you didn't use and replace them or store them for another year. It could be that you finally move the Christmas dishes to the back of the cupboard or as I normally do, find the stragglers of decorations and get them put up into the loft!

This year I'm also starting on making a few gifts early, so I'm planning at the moment who is getting what and what materials I need. Luckily the first gift I'm making (well 10 of them) is something I've been planning on doing for a few years now, so I have everything prepared!

I'll share some images on Instagram, and possibly here next month.

I've also started my Master Gift List, my Gift Ideas List and I'm taking note of what vouchers I have/earn so that I know where I stand with it all and have a better idea of what my budget will be come the Autumn.

Make It A December To Remember

One thing I am changing this year however, is I'm starting to buy stocking fillers now. I've earnt £100 on Swagbucks that I've cashed out in Paypal and so have £100 to start with to buy for three adults and two children.

I figure a couple of things a week, such as Pencils, Lip balm, Lego collectables etc should keep me going until I earn some more money from either Swagbucks or by other means!

I could start my Food list, but I'll probably wait a couple of months before listing everything we need to ensure we have in the cupboard to make things like Mince Pies, Christmas Puddings, Christmas Cake etc.

So that's the plan.

When do you start planning for Christmas and have you ever tried to have a free Christmas before?