January Is Wonderful

A friend of mine was grumbling on Facebook, that she doesn't like January and asked everyone for tips on helping her find a way to love the month. It was funny because just that morning, I had deleted a blog post I had been toying with, that would have been perfect for her.

It was a post about how to not be blue in January.

So I posted the following on her status. Let me know what you think in the comments.

January is Wonderful

It's a month for eating soup, wearing Jumpers, not shaving your legs and most importantly... eating all the reduced Christmas items in the local supermarket!

It's a month where a walk in the afternoon/early evening means you get to spend the rest of the day in your PJ's. With Socks. And a blanket. And Hot Chocolate.

It's a month where if you go on a picnic you get to sit on a bench with a loved one, snuggling. Drinking Hot Chocolate from a flask and eating Sausages and Bacon. Or whatever it is that you like that is hot and portable.

Hot Chocolate at Sunset

It's a month where you can wear bright colours everyday as an excuse that you are brightening up the day.

It's a month where you can wear black everyday because you are blending in.

Wearing all Black and ROCKING it!

It's a month where you can look back at the last year. Review the past and remember.

It's a month where you can look forward to the next year. Plan future holidays, plan the future.

It's a month where you can start a new routine, find a new hobby, learn something about yourself.

It's a month where you can watch films all evening, because there is nothing on the Telly. Where you can hand write a letter to an old friend because you were thinking of them.

It's a month where you can do anything you want. You are only limited by your imagination.

Yes, this is Top Ender dancing with two Corgi's. Imagine it dude!

Oh and Take me out is on on a Saturday night and everyone loves a bit of cheeky banter right?