*The* Gift

A friend shared a video on Facebook, of Steve Harvey talking to an audience after he had filmed an episode of Family Feud (we call it Family Fortunes over here in the UK), where he discussed how every successful person in life has stood on the cliff of life and jumped.

He goes on to explain that everyone has a gift, and it's the people who have discovered their gift, who are using their gift to live a life they are happy with.

It is those people who have jumped.

He further explains, that unfortunately the parachute doesn't always open straight away. For most people, after they jump they are going to get banged up, they'll be bleeding from hitting the cliff. Their clothes will be torn and I guess that some will wonder if they have made the right choice.

Then the magical moment happens, the parachute opens and all of a sudden things start becoming good. Those people who have jumped are able to soar around the sky, living life to it's fullest.

However, in order to get to that point, you have to jump.

Top Ender jumping and Big Boy looking on in amazement

It was the bit at the start of the Video that interested me the most however.

I'm paraphrasing but what Steve Harvey said at the start of the video was;

Everyone has a gift. God doesn't make a soul without ensuring it has a gift. It's just up to us to find it.

We need to work out what the gift is.

For some people their gift is obvious. They might be the fastest runner or the longest jumper. They might sing, or dance or play an instrument or cook or teach or act or paint or draw or any one of a million things.

And then there are people like me.

People like me, who might not fully know their gifts and so not be able to know what the gift that is going to change their life is.

For me things like Writing, being funny and even being a mother are gifts that enhance my life. Gifts I am and always will be grateful for. I just don't know what *the* gift is.

The gift that will help me jump.

The gift that will allow me and my family to follow our passions.

The gift that will allow me to be me.

Do you know what your gift is? Have you been able to follow your passion? Or are you just like me and wondering what your gift is?