The February Experiment

This February I'm running an experiment.

Well, experiment isn't really the word, but I can't think of the right word for it.

Basically this February I'm going to help my family learn to love eating Fish.

See a few years ago, when we worked with Fish Is The Dish, my family started eating fish to an extent they had never done before.

Basically they started eating it.

Before we collaborated together the family had eaten Cod Fish Fingers and Cod Fish Cakes and occasionally Cod in Batter from the Chippie or Oven Baked Salmon but that was it.

And I hated it.

Since then we've tried hard to include fish in our diet. I try to ensure that we have fish twice a week, one portion is oily and one portion isn't but it's fish. It's tasty and there are so many ways to cook it.

Here's the problem.

My family still only really like to eat Fish Fingers, Fish Cakes (generally made from Cod, but occasionally other white fish), Cod in Batter from the Chippie and Oven Baked Salmon and Fish Pie. Oh and sometimes a few Prawns get thrown in.

Prawns on French Stick

Do you know how boring that is?

I do.

So, I decided to try something different. Run my experiment if you will.

I decided that everyday in February will see me and my family eat Fish. Well, apart from Meatless Mondays because Fish is still meat right?!

We're going to try 24 different types of fish.

We're going to eat 24 different types of fish in 24 different dishes and at the end of each meal I'm going to ask the family what they thought.

Hopefully at the end of the four weeks we'll be able to say we like a wider variety of fish than just Cod, White Fish, Salmon and Prawns and we'll be adding these new fish to our meal rotation...

So, what do you think?!