What We Are Eating - W/C 30th January 2016

This week sees the start of February, and February means a month of different fish dishes. Daddy and I have chatted about it and he is more than happy with the meals I've picked (I've done the entire month in order to pick different dishes and different types of fish for each day).

A Mashed Potato Fish and Peas

The only "thing" of course is each Monday will be Meatless, which of course means no fish, so it isn't quite 28 (well 29) days of Fish, but close enough right?!

Saturday - Loaded Hot Dogs

We were originally going to have Hot Dogs today, but I had got the Leftover Fake Away out of the freezer to eat Friday night, but we all ended up eating Soup, so we moved it to tonight!

Fake Away!

There will of course be lots of toppings for us to enjoy with our Fake Away, and I'm sure we'll even manage to rustle up some Chips.

Sunday - Herby Slow Roasted Chicken

I'm planning on cooking this nice and slow, with plenty of herbs and butter and just let it being soft and falling off the bone once it is ready to serve.


Actually, can we have that now please?

Meatless Monday - Pasta with Broccoli

The Children love tiny bits of broccoli chopped into Cheesey sauce pasta and so do I. It takes minutes to cook, is a great meal with some great veg and even better to my mind it's easy to do the dishes afterwards because we only use one pot to cook it all in!

Tuesday - Coley Fishcakes

Our first Fish dish!

I'm starting simple, with Coley Fishcakes, because it is a fish that the Children are used to eating and in a form that they love too (Fishcakes). I'm going to serve them with Sweetcorn and Salad. This will annoy Top Ender as she still hates Salad but I'll give her extra Sweetcorn.

Wednesday - Tinned Tuna Potato Pie

The simple things are normally the best things right?

The tuna gets drained and stirred into a cheesy white sauce, possibly with some vegetables like peas and sweetcorn and then gets covered in mashed potato before being put into the oven to brown.

I'll serve it with more veg. At the moment I'm thinking Carrots and Courgettes.

Thursday - Sesame Prawns with Noodles

I'll coat some Prawns, Spring Onions and Peppers in a sauce (a friend uses Marmalade!) and either gently stir fry or put in the oven before I cook some Noodles to serve it with.

I'll sprinkle some sesame seeds into the sticky prawn mixture and then mix it with the noodles.


Friday - Pan Fried Trout with Jacket Potatoes

This is the first dish (and only dish) that Daddy isn't too keen on, because he has never had Trout.

I quite like Trout, but only eat it when I go out to eat rather than when I'm at home, and I'm hoping to change this with this dish!

So, that's what we are eating this week. How about you?