Our New Car

Last year, Daddy and I started talking about buying a new car.

In part it was a pipe dream, there is no way that at that moment we could afford a brand new car (which is what we were looking at) but we knew that if we started saving a small amount of money each month, by cutting back on other expenses we could eventually save up enough to buy a new to us car of not so advancing years.

The savings started building up, Daddy kept an eye out for cars that we had discussed buying (big family cars, perfect for transporting half a football team in) to see what their prices were doing and to see if there was anything that we *had* to get because of a bargain price.

Then there was a small accident (it was so not my fault) which led to a Saturday morning conversation over a treat of McDonald's (We'd been to clean the Chapel and felt we deserved a treat for hard work!) of how it would probably be a lot less hassle if we actually just purchased a new car rather than cleaned and fixed the damage on our current car.

Our Old Car

Half jokingly Daddy looked to see how much was in our new car fund and started looking at cars for sale by local traders. I joined him and using slightly different search terms found a really lovely green car.

Yes. Yes I did look at the colour of the cars rather than anything important like I dunno, mileage, MOT status, condition of the car...

Look, cars are great. I use them to drive me from here to there, but that is the only interest I have in them. Colour is how I pick a car and if you don't like it?

Well, tough.


I went off to see my Mum and take her Shopping. I told Daddy that if he saw a good car that he wanted to buy that was local, he should call me and I'd leave my Mum at the Supermarket so we could go see it.

And that's what happened.

It's also how less than two hours after our first conversation, we were putting a £10 deposit down in order to take a car for a test drive.

It just happened to be that green car I found.

Half an hour later, thanks to the miracle of the internet, the car was taxed, insured and I was sitting in it driving to pick my Mum up from Tesco.

So there we go, we have a new car.

It's Green.

Our New Car

(Okay, it's a C3 Picasso and as old as Top Ender but the important bit is it's green!)