A New Calling

You've probably heard me mention in the past, that at Church I'm part of Primary. I was a Primary Teacher, and then I became a Primary Counsellor and really this just means that I'm able to spend my Sunday with the Children teaching them aspects of the Gospel.

Well, attempting to teach them. I swear, they end up teaching me a lot more than I teach them.

Welcome To Primary!


A little while back, my Bishop asked to see me and my husband. He had a calling that he wanted to extend to me, but it was going to have an impact on my home life and so he wanted to check with my husband in case he had any objections, or if I had any objections for that matter!

From this conversation, I knew this meant one of three things. Primary President, Young Women's President or Relief Society President. I was pretty sure it wasn't Young Women's or Relief Society, but my friend who is on the RS Presidency had been teasing me for a few months about being called to Relief Society (it's a group for women) and so this was a genuine concern!

Bishop, my husband and I chatted for a while and then Bishop informed me that he was releasing me from my position as 2nd Counsellor of Primary. I was for a moment genuinely heartbroken. I was so sad to be leaving the Children.

And then he said he'd like to offer a new calling to me.

Primary President.

Of course, as I explained it wasn't fully unexpected. I breathed a sigh of relief that it wasn't Relief Society (I'm so much better at talking to Children than I am to Adults!) and accepted.

Yesterday, I was sustained during Sacrament along with my Counsellors, a new Music Leader and a new Teacher and then after Church we were all set apart.

And so now I'm responsible for the Children...

Oh my goodness me.