Fridge Soup

There are always a lot of vegetables in the bottom of our fridge. I like to have a big selection to pick from and for the most part I use them up each week.

Occasionally however, there are vegetables in my fridge that need to be used up or are well, the sort of vegetables if you were slightly more discerning than me you'd want to throw away.

However I'm the sort of person who doesn't like to throw them away. I mean obviously if they are way past their best I try to remember to put them into the green bin (here in Milton Keynes we have a Green Bin for Grass and Food Waste, Pink Sacks for Paper and Card etc, a Blue Box for glass and black bin bags for all other waste.) but occasionally I do forget.

I really need to get a new indoor green bin thing.


The other day, I was STARVING. It was about twenty minutes until lunch and upon looking in the fridge it had turned out that I'd seemingly forgotten to buy anything for me to eat.

So, I looked in the veg draw.

There were some manky looking Carrots. There was a Potato. There were some wilting Spring Onions. There were some Tomatoes, half a cabbage and various other odds and ends.

So I gathered them all up. Cut them up and threw them along with a stock cube and some water into my Soup Maker.

Twenty minutes later and I had some fresh vegetable soup made just for me. I tossed a few Croutons on top (because why not?!) and sat down to eat it.

It was lush.

Fridge Soup with Croutons.

So, what do you do with your leftover vegetables? Do you make them into soup? Do you roast them up? Is there something else I could do with them that you do that means I am missing a trick?