Why I Will Continue Posting on Facebook About Going To The Gym

A while back, someone I'm friends with on Facebook posted a meme picture stating that it is possible for people to go to the gym without posting about it on Facebook.

I took offence.


Well, because when I go to the gym I tend to update my Facebook or Twitter status with a "I've been to the gym" or even post a post workout Selfie to my Instagram account... which links to both my Facebook and Twitter accounts.

A Post Work Out Selfie, the day I almost fed off the Tredmill

And why do I do this?

I do this because Facebook is my support system.

Facebook is my way of being accountable.

Facebook is the way that I can show others that I'm trying to improve myself, that I'm trying to improve my health.

I'm posting something positive.

I'm posting something about my life, that is actually interesting because of the back story.

And yes I know that's terribly ironic seeing as how I'm currently sitting in my bed, watching TV with my husband, having not been to the gym for a week and on top of all that I'm eating Chocolate.

It's about balance right?

The point is, I update on Facebook about going to the gym and if you don't like it?

Well, tough.

Oh, you're sick of me posting my workouts on Facebook? Please don't let my positive moment interrupt your whining about your job & bragging about binge drinking!!! E-Card