What We Are Eating W/C 13th February 2016

As you can probably guess, the Children are getting really really used to trying different types of fish. This is so good, as I said in my blog post at the start of the month about why we were eating a different fish every day, I want the Children (and to a certain extent my husband and I!) to get used to eating different fish, get used to different tastes and textures and get them eating a wider variety of fish as Cod (and Cod like fish), Salmon and Prawns get boring week after week!

Saturday - Fried Squid Rings

Daddy made this a few weeks ago and it was LUSH. There were only two problems. The first was he made about 1/4 of the amount that he should have because after we had eaten them we were STARVING still and the second was trying to find fresh Squid. Honestly, it was a nightmare. Luckily, we found lots of frozen stuff in Tesco and it worked just as well as fresh Squid!

Sunday Breakfast - Kippers

I know it's Valentine's Day and Daddy likes to have Steak on Valentine's Day, so we're having Kippers for Breakfast. I just had to mention that we were having it other wise people would get confused if I said Steak!

I might make my Cheats Cooked Breakfast again, with Kippers instead of Smoked Haddock.

Cheats Cooked Breakfast with Smoked Haddock

Sunday Evening Meal - Steak

So for Valentine's Day, we're having Steak. We'll be having some kind of Potato, either Fries or Jacket Potatoes and then we'll serve it with mushrooms, peas (maybe Baked Beans for Daddy), Onion Rings and something chocolatey for pudding.

Meatless Monday - Veggie Shepherd's Pie

I used to make a Shepherd's pie that was more like a Vegetable Crumble and so I'm going to try to recreate this tonight.

I'm sure the children will love it as it is served with Gravy and they both love gravy!

Tuesday - Puttanesca

So you know what Puttanesca means right? It means Whore's Pasta. There is a story, that this was what working girls would knock up between clients because all it took to make it was what was in the cupboard, but I don't know if it is true.

I do know however, that I have Anchovies in the cupboard and they are a fish and needs must!

Wednesday - Langoustines

Langoustines are Prawn sized Lobsters as far as I can work out.

I'm going to serve them with Potato Gratin and bread to mop up the garlic butter that I'm going to cook them in.

Thursday - Crayfish Mac and Cheese

Crayfish are also small lobster type things... so I'm going to throw a few in some Mac and Cheese and hope that the Children eat it all together and don't worry about the odd fish hanging out in the cheese and pasta!

Friday - Sea Bass with Tomatoes and Pasta

Seabass. YUM.
Tomatoes. YUM.
Pasta. YUM.

What do you get if you combine all three? Hopefully YUM!