The Den Wall

We're going to change the den.

It has had the Marvel Heroes poster up for almost two years now and whilst it is great fun and a conversation starter for every Missionary that has the pleasure of coming to our house for a meal, it's not what we want our den to look like any more.

We want something which isn't just for me and BB.

So we've all been thinking about what we could do in the den.

There were plenty of ideas. We could paint the walls various different colours. We could wallpaper. We could stick up stickers. We could create shelves and shelves of books and board games and computer games. We could get a massive piece of art or create a massive piece of art together.

In the end we decided that we would put up lots of Ikea frames just like we have in the old window by the Computer.

Pictures of lots of Family Fun Adventures

Although this time it will be frames full of quotes that we love, quotes that are funny, quotes that are uplifting, quotes that mean something to us.

I was thinking about it and I realised however, that this didn't really capture everything I wanted the den to be about. So I decided to mix the frames full of quotes with frames with photographs of our family, our pets and photos that we took and love.

They might be switched out seasonally but I'm not sure yet.

And so we've been thinking of our favourite quotes and in collating them I've realised we watch way too much Simpsons. It is my fault, half the quotes that I've typed up in various different fonts are mine and are also mostly The Simpsons quotes. The rest of my quotes are favourite quotes from Church Leaders.

Christmastime is cherished Family time. Family time is sacred time. Russell M. Nelson

Now I just need to pick a colour to paint the den (it has to be a solid colour). Anyone any suggestions because as much as I love my husband I don't want to go down the Purple route that he's suggesting and he doesn't want me to paint the wall behind the TV in the den Black so we probably need an intervention!

Be my intervention!