Titan Charging Cable #Review

As almost everyone I know knows, I'm a technology addict. As are my Children and even our Cats.

Willow looking at an Instagram image or Tabbitha

Don't get me wrong, we can live without our laptops, tablets and phones. For me however after a day or so I'm starting to wonder what's going on in my friends lives. I wondering what my house is doing if I'm not in it.

I'm wanting to share what we're doing, what I'm doing.

Not because I want to show off or because I need validation, but because I want to document that it's good to have fun with your family. I want my Children, my Grandchildren, my Great-Grandchildren or further generations down the line to know me.

To know the love I have/had for them.


All this Social Media interaction means that my battery drains as fast as you'd expect. Luckily for me I have a lot of charging points.

In my car.
In my handbag.
All across my house.

Unluckily for me, I also have a habit of damaging my charging cables. I could pretend that my Children are the ones that break it, but it's not true. Yes, they break their own, but I'm the only one who breaks mine.

So I was sent a Titan Charge Cable. They said it was strong. I only half believed them.

However, it's strong. Like really strong.

BB trying to break the Titan Charge Cable

The video shows some pretty good stuff, but I'm more impressed that even after three months of heavy use, I've still not broken the charge cable. That's like a minor miracle for me.

Now, I can't promise that it will never break, but as I said it's had heavy use. It has lived in my handbag. It's lived in my car. It's lived in my gym bag. It's lived on top of the PC. It's lived in BB's room... And we've yet to damage it.

The Coiled Titan Charge Cable

The Titan Charge Cable is currently available online and even from Argos! Oh! The best bit? They do it for Android (my favourite) or even for iphones.

I was sent the Titan Charge Cable to review. It's rather lush.