A New Look

I'm not one of those women that always looks polished.

You know the ones I mean right? They turn up, putting the breakfast stained T-Shirt and Jeans, or slightly faded suit, or the imperfectly ironed dress you are wearing to shame. They have effortless grace, never seem to sweat and despite having walked from where ever wearing 7-inch heels they still have perfect hair and makeup.

I don't think I have any make up on in this picture. Thank heavens for the beauty filter on mobile phone selfie modes these days!

Yeah, of course, you know who I mean. Every Office, Toddler Playgroup, Yoga class and School playground have at least one of them. The problem I have with them isn't that they look perfect ALL THE TIME; it's that I kinda wanna be like them but, I am a perpetual scruff who occasionally scrubs up nice.

The event that sticks out most and cements this fact about me in my mind, was when I went to a works Christmas meal one year. I had taken slightly longer getting ready, my make-up had been put on slightly heavier, my hair was coiffed to a polished version of my usual style and as I walked in the door of the room most of my co-workers were mingling in, they stared at me. They stared at me because they didn't recognise me. That's how nice I can scrub up if I want to!

Don't get me wrong, I don't want to reinvent me. I just want to be a little more put together, a little more polished and I think it is a knock on effect from my losing weight, as why else would I care about what I look like?

Anyway, this is why a couple of weeks ago, on a Monday, I took a little more time selecting what clothes I would wear that day and pulled together an outfit which was not only comfortable and clean but looked like it had been thought about. And on Tuesday I did the same thing (and people were asking where I was off out to). And on Wednesday. And on Thursday. And on Friday...

I have mixed and matched my basic wardrobe within an inch of its life!

I was talking to a member of the School staff after she had complimented one of my outfit choices. I told her that it was operation "Let Pippa be less of a Scruff" and she said it was working and she'd be waiting to see what I was wearing in the future.

A jacket smartens up a slogan t-shirt and jeans right?

Why did I tell anyone?! If people are expecting me to look good then I'm going to fail! There are only so many ways to mix my basic wardrobe up!

Please help me, I didn't learn this in School!

What basic staples would you have in your wardrobe if you wanted to look polished each and every day? I know that they say things in magazines that I should have a little black dress and a plain white T-shirt but I mean really?

Currently, I own:

Several Short-Sleeved Cotton T-Shirts in various colours (M&S and Asda)
Two White Long-Sleeved Cotton T-shirts (M&S and Tesco)
One pair of Boyfriend jeans (they have turn ups and are from M&S)
One pair of blue relaxed fit jeans (Sainsbury's)
One pair of black relaxed fit jeans (Sainsbury's)
Six dresses (Scarlett and Jo x2, Bon Marche, Matalan x2, M&S)
Two Long Black Skirts (Tesco and Next I think!)
One Navy Waterfall style jacket (M&S)
Several cardigans
One Grey Turtleneck longer length jumper (M&S)
One Green V Neck Jumper (M&S)
Three pairs of Leggins (two black, one grey Primark, Matalan and Yours)
One pair of Navy Treggings (I take back what I said about them in the past, M&S)

There are probably a few other pieces, but that's all I remember for now! I know I need to add some trousers to the mix, a couple of jumpers but what else does one need to have a wardrobe suitable for all seasons and all occasions?!

How do you manage to look good, stick to a budget and not wear the same thing each week?