Unicorn Farts Or What's A Good Perfume For Teenagers?

When I was in my late teens, my Mum purchased me a bottle of perfume for Christmas.

I didn't wear perfume other than occasionally dabbing myself with some White Musk from the Body Shop as I was really a non-make-up wearing or caring or even a perfume wearing or caring teenager. It was, of course, a big surprise, but a good one and I was thrilled with my new perfume.

The perfume that she picked for me (and my sister as she got a bottle too) was Escape by Calvin Klien and has become the only perfume that I ever wear. I'm normally a little heavy handed with the scent, but meh, who cares as long as it's not so overpowering it knocks you out as soon as you walk into the room I'm sitting in!

PippaD and Top Ender not falling over from a perfume!

So, what's this got to do with the teenagers of today?

Well, I'm specifically thinking about Top Ender here, she's also not that bothered about make-up or perfume, but I was thinking the other day about how Top's appreciates the finer things in life and I thought that she might appreciate a bottle of scent. Even though I still rarely wear make-up, a splash of perfume each day makes me feel more dressed, even if I'm just in jeans and a t-shirt!

I talked to Top Ender about this and she raised an eyebrow at me. The meaning was clear "I don't do perfume, so why are you asking me?". I persevered, however. Well, I think you'd suit a light and sweet floral scent. Not something as heavy as mine, but something young and girly.

Top Ender raised her eyebrow at me again. This time the meaning was less clear, so she vocalised her thoughts.

"Mum, Are you trying to make me smell like a Unicorn's Fart?"

Much hilarity ensued, but we came to the agreement that if I could find a perfume that would suit Top Ender OR smelt like a Unicorn's fart she would happily wear it.

So Internet I'm turning to you. What perfume can you recommend as being great for Top Ender to wear?