What We Are Eating W/C 25th March 2017

Today is the start of the last week of our Healthy Eating plan. Flyfour and I have spoken at length about this and have decided that we're going to take six weeks "off" the plan as outlined in the book, but use our discretion to create meal plans as of next week that are within the calorie allowances, but also some of the dishes that Flyfour has been missing. I'd live on pasta and jacket potatoes if given a chance so I'm not that bothered!

Jacket Potato and Salad

If after a month, we aren't still seeing weight loss then we will get back onto the plan as laid out in the book and have to lump it that some of our favourite family meals are crossed off the meal plan... at least until we are at a point where we are a healthy family.

So with that, here is what we are eating this week!

Chicken Roast

The roast we had last week was lush, probably because it's been so long since we've had one! The only thing we are going to have to change or rather add to the meal is the addition of Yorkshire puddings! The children are desperate to have their favourite back, so I might cheat and buy some ready made ones as then Flyfour can't eat them and I'll be kind and keep him company.

Chilli Con Carne

I'm guessing that this will be our Saturday night meal, but I should never assume as Top Ender is out for the day and so Dan Jon Jr, Flyfour and I might decide on something different!

We're also going to have a Curry again this week, Pasta and a Sauce, and Jacket Potatoes either with Chicken or with Baked Beans. I figure that you already know about these as they have featured in the last few meal plans so shan't bother you with them again!

What are your families favourite meals and would they miss them if they didn't fit in with a new Healthier lifestyle? What do you think will be making an appearance on our meal plans in the near future?!