We Are Still Here!

Last night, after I had checked Dan Jon Jr's blood sugars, I was finding it a little hard to get back to sleep because my brain wasn't turning back off and I ended up thinking about Life, the Universe and everything in between.

And I had a realisation.

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I realised that at this very moment we have survived.

We have survived heartbreak.

We have survived health scares.

We have survived despite the world being against us.

We are still standing.

We are still breathing.

We are still here.

And I thought to myself, that needs a celebration. It doesn't need long, we don't need a week or a day. We just need to take five minutes and celebrate that we're alive.

So here is a track that always makes me want to move, so turn it up and shake it out to celebrate!

What are your favourite tunes to celebrate life with?