The Hero Homework

Normally, getting Dan Jon to do his homework involves a bit of bribery on my end of things. Not anything major and to be honest not anything that he would actually get anyway, but small things like;

You can have your evening meal whilst you stay in the Xbox party if you do your homework now... 


If you get your homework finished by the time your sister is home I'll let you both watch cartoons

However last week, he did his homework without any sort of bribery.

Dan Jon, my little angel.

Dan Jon sat and wrote and asked permission to use the Computer to access the backup of all our family photographs and basically kept his work a secret from the family. It was only when his homework book came back after marking that I got to peek in at what he had written and I got a surprise.

This term the overall topic that the children in the whole school have been discussing is "Do you have to be  hero to make a difference?" and lower key stage two (the part of the School Dan Jon is in) have been addressing the topic under the heading "How can I change the world?". They figured out quite quickly that not all heroes wear capes, that sometimes people just standing up for what is right can be all it takes and that sometimes, heroes can be a little closer to home.

The following photographs show just what Dan Jon wrote and maybe you'll understand why he kept it a secret.

Dan Jon's homework about heroes

Dan Jon's homework about heroes

So there you go. Dan Jon thinks I'm a hero and I'm pretty proud of that.

PippaD superhero outfit