What We Are Eating W/C 11th March 2017

Now, before you ask last week I didn't lose any weight, and I didn't expect to either (Want some TMI? No? Well, work it out yourself then) but it was also a week where I was a bit bad and overindulged one night and had a curry. The curry was lush so I don't regret a thing and I expect to make up the weight loss this week as long as Mother Nature plays fair.

Some of the meals that are suggested in the Healthy Eating Plan this week aren't Gluten free friendly and so we are going to substitute a few meals from previous weeks into this week and a few meals from some of the other eating plans as long as they are the same values nutrition wise!

Talking of nutrition, here's a picture of a nice salad that I had.

Chicken and Salad


I like a good Jambalaya, I'm not sure the rest of the family do but I love the combination of chicken, prawns and chorizo. I'll ensure we have a good pudding for Dan Jon Jr to tuck into once he's finished as I'm sure he'll be the only one to verbally complain!

Salmon and Potatoes

We love salmon in our house. I was talking with a young friend the other day and she was saying she didn't like fish unless it was in a fish finger or a fish cake. I feel so bad for her because she is missing out on a great tasting fish, but she is young and maybe one day will try a new dish.

Baked Potato with Beans

We really loved the jacket potatoes with chicken breasts, but I wanted a bit of a change and I know that Flyfour will hate me for getting rid of his meat, but the beans will do great! I will top mine with chives (because I love chives) and I'll even let Flyfour have some mozzarella so hopefully, he won't complain too much!

Aubergine and Lentil Curry

Seeing as how last week we were naughty and had a curry, I figured we would have another one this week. I've gone with a vegetable curry because they are healthier and because the lentils will fill us up!

So this is what we are eating this week, along with a couple of pasta dishes and a few ice creams!