I Let My Children Play With Knives

I let my children play with knives.

Well I say play, I mean use but trust me Baby Boy thinks this is a game and at almost three I am pretty sure that this isn't something that should be taken lightly. The thing is though when you are teaching children to cook and to do things for themselves they want to do things for themselves and you have to let them. How are they going to learn if they never get any hands on experience?

So when Baby Boy was making dinner with me last night I let him grate the cheese with the sharp metal grater.

I let him use the Knife to cut up the  pizza spiral in to circles.

Baby Boy with a sharp knife

And I let him hold the tray up for me to take a picture without worrying that it would fall to the floor, leaving us starving.

Baby Boy showing off his Pizza spirals

It's important that Baby Boy learns that not only do I trust him, but that the things in the kitchen whilst dangerous are also tools that he has to learn to master. It would be no good wrapping him up in cotton wool to prevent accidents as one day the wrapping will have to come off.

So I let my children play with knives... Do You?