What We Are Eating W/C 5th May 2018

I may have told an accidental lie to Flyfour this week, that as most of the food we are eating this week is from our own storage that the shopping bill would be lower... however it's wasn't true. The shopping bill was roughly the same as always because we purchased a few "extra" supplies to stock up the snack and drinks cupboard! This whole not buying things for the month (apart from the weekly food shop and Petrol) is killing my snack cravings!

Sticky Popcorn

Saturday - Our Cheap Takeaway

A couple of months ago, we all decided we wanted a takeaway, but it was so expensive that we didn't have one. Instead the first time, I went to the Co-op and purchased a salad and some of my favourite salad accompaniments (Potato Salad!). The second time we went to Iceland and purchased different dishes we wanted (I had Chinese) and then we decided we would make it a regular thing. Which is why we're doing it tonight!

Sunday - Burgers

With the weather having turned a little nicer, I thought Burgers would be a nice change. The children are probably going to be terribly upset that they haven't got any Yorkshire Puddings, but I'll bribe them with a treat later in the evening of some waffles and ice cream.

Monday - Eating Out

We're having a family day out today, so we'll be eating out! We have got some Chicken Sandwiches, cake and crisps, as well as some other Picnic treats, ready for us all to enjoy out in the open air.

Tuesday - Fish Pie

I really love Fish Pie. I'll serve it with peas and be quite happy, as will the children, it's just all the others (aka Flyfour) that we have to worry about.

Wednesday - Veggie Burgers

I'm pretty sure that I'm out at a meeting tonight, so a quick meal of Veggie Burgers will keep us all satisfied.

Thursday - Chicken

I thought the children would like to cook tonight. They are making baked/roast chicken pieces with new potatoes and some kind of vegetable.

Friday - Baked Fish

I'm afraid I've only got as far as knowing that we're having Baked Haddock tonight. I have no idea what the side dish will be, what flavouring we will use or even if there will be a crumb topping, but I do know that we will have Haddock!

So that's what we are eating this week, what are you eating?