Today my baby turns ten... that's Double Digits Baby!

So I thought I'd share a few pictures of some of our recent adventures whilst sharing tales of this boy who steals my heart every day. Seriously, every morning when I go to wake him up and every evening when I go to tuck him in, He is all snuggly and warm and he tries to steal my heart so I'll hug him a little longer. It only works 100% of the time!

Dan Jon is always up for a giggle, a bit like me I suppose. So when we saw this display of Gnomes in Asda, we knew Dan Jon had to pose in front of it. I guess Asda will say it's a complete coincidence that their cheeky gnomes look just like my little lad eh?! I guess they just saw someone who was as handsome as DJ and knew that they had to capture his likeness.

Dan Jon and his Doubles!

Dan Jon will be getting up super early this morning to open gifts before Flyfour goes to work. This does mean we'll have a nice leisurely breakfast, which I'm guessing Dan Jon will ask to be Home Made Sausage and Egg Muffins.

Again, this is proof that this kid takes after me.

If the day picks up a little then we may eat them in the garden, but the current forecast means I think we'll be hanging out in the den for them, which is a shame as Dan Jon loves getting out in Nature.

Dan Jon hanging about in Nature

Our family walks are always full of little stops whilst Dan Jon finds the perfect spot for us to take a picture of him and something he has seen that he likes. These photos are used for his Instagram account, or he pins them to one of his Pinterest boards, or most recently, to use as his mobile phone wallpaper so he can remember "the lovely time we had as a family".

I've come to realise that Dan Jon really is the best parts of me and his Daddy. He is thoughtful, kind, resourceful and super talented. Dan Jon is super funny, looks out for others, tries so hard in all that he does and really does try to be like Jesus each day. Recently, after the Bishop of our ward had spoken with the children one week about carrying out small acts of service that would have a big impact, Dan Jon asked the Bishop if he could make a loaf of bread to use during the Sacrament.

He was mighty proud of the loaf (and so he should be it was super tasty) and Flyfour and I were super proud of our boy. The fact that he keeps making loaves of bread for me has nothing to do with me supporting this new hobby... Could someone pass the bread knife, please? Oh and the butter too!

Dan Jon and his first home made loaf of bread

And, of course, Dan Jon has realised that he can't let his fears hold him back. He knows he has to try new things, try things that scare him or push him out of his comfort zone. Which was a great relief to his Dad and I when we recently used the Emirates Air-Line over the River Thames as last time Dan Jon swore he'd never use it again!

Dan Jon posing near the Emirates Air-Line at the Thames

So this handsome, clever funny little boy turns ten today and I couldn't be more pleased to have been with him every step of the way so far.

Happy Birthday Dan Jon xx