When My Mum Met Kevin McCloud

On Bank Holiday Monday, we were having another Family Fun Day, or as the children have started to call them "A Holiday in a Day", which I think is more to do with how much we squeeze into one day rather than the fact it's a relaxing day out with the family!

One of the activities we had planned was to go to Grand Designs Live and we had invited my Mum along. We had managed to get some free tickets and all was good, apart from well, we prefer the Ideal Home Show as there just seems to be more to see and do.

Okay, I mean there is more free food samples at the Ideal Home Show. Don't judge me you know you love free samples as much as I do!

Anyway, my Mum was taking a little break from the hustle and bustle of the other people at the show and was sat at one of the tables in one of the Cafe areas. I had stood beside her (as I knew if I sat down I'd never get back up!) and we were talking about various different things when suddenly her whole face lit up.

"Oh hello!" she grinned over my shoulder towards someone behind me. "I've watched your TV Show!"

At this point, I realised that someone famous was standing just behind me. Now, call me stupid if you want but there is really only one famous person my Mum would call out to at Grand Designs Live saying that she watches his TV Show.

Kevin McCloud.

Not wanting to appear uncool, I stood for a moment, waiting for him to reply to my Mum, but nothing was said. Maybe he is too cool to acknowledge my Mum. Maybe he nodded and I didn't see it because my back was turned.

Maybe he recognised me from the time I was a little bit rude about his choice of clothing one Grand Designs episode... So I turned round to see this.

Giant Sticker of Kevin McCloud at Grand Designs Live

Yup, my Mum was talking to a blinking photo in the hopes to make me think she was talking to someone famous.

I will get my revenge on her soon!