The Most Wonderful Walks of The Year

There is something about this time of year, that just makes me want to get out and about with the family and then make sure whilst we are out that we drink plenty of Hot Chocolate to keep us warm. It's become a bit of a family joke that when we're out on the family walks, we actually put on more calories than we burn because of the treats I take with us, Still, I think that if you're going to trek for miles in the cold and possibly the wet, you deserve a treat!

Hot Chocolate on a Walk

I made a collection on ebay of some of the fantastic things that I think all families should have with them when they are out on a family walk, but I'm afraid you're going to have to make your own tasty treats to take with you. If you like this board (and another one in a couple of weeks) then you'll be entered into a competition to win a £20 ebay voucher, perfect for use in the New Year, as the winner will be notified by the 5th November via their paypal ID. And of course, you'll get a chance to see a little bit into how my brain works, as the collections are all me and things I've found whilst scouring the website.

I have found that going on the walks has really strengthened us as a family. We all start off together, walking as a family of four, but generally at some point the children run ahead and Daddy and I fall into step and we start chatting about all the various things that husbands and wives talk about... that's right TV shows and what's for dinner. At some point, one of the children will fall into step with us and strike up a conversation with one of us, the other parent then walks along with the other child and strikes up a conversation too,  a little while later and we swap our walking partner and again and again and again, until we reach our car or a stop point to dish out snacks and cups of Hot Chocolate.

Now, a little word of warning. If you are going to go on a country walk please make sure that your mobile phone is charged, that you check the weather before you set off (and dress accordingly!) and try to remember not to leave your goodies in the car if you're planning on eating them whilst out on your walk... not that we've ever done that of course.

I try to take photographs when we're out on our walk of things that the children, Daddy and I have found interesting, various landmarks and different plants and of the family. I love looking back on the pictures to see how much the children have grown, or how different things have developed (pictures of trees are always a good one for that!) and changed the view. And the children love looking back too, as there are plenty of places that the children don't remember us visiting and seeing the photographs of them and plants and landmarks helps them to remember and convince them that we're not making it up!

Of course, make sure that you put plenty of photographs up on Instagram if you go on a family walk and let me know as I love to see what everyone else gets up to with their families and sometimes steal their ideas... speaking of which let me know of some good local walks to you so we can share these great ideas around!

I am working with ebay on this campaign.