We Need To Talk About Pippa

Dear Pippa,

Hello! Long time no see!

We're the craft boxes that did live under your bed. You moved us the other day, when you moved your bed in order to clean under there. You may have noticed that after you moved us out, you didn't put us back. That's because we've had enough.

We've decided to come to you, via your blog to help you, because you have a problem.

You're addicted to buying craft items and by your own admission you suck at crafting.

You have so much craft stuff that you've not even looked at, that you should probably try to finish them before buying more. In fact, I saw you looking at a mega box of Hama Beads on the internet. You do realise, that you have four jars and a box full of hama beads don't you?

You know the sewing, that you thought would be good for Top Ender to use in the Nativity at Church? Well, the reason you can't find it is because it's at the bottom of one of the boxes. Under four other cross stitch projects that either you or your Mum started and never finished. Your Mum has an excuse for not finishing the ones she started. You don't.

What about all the wool you have for knitting things? Let's put it in perspective. You were pregnant with Big Boy when you started knitting that scarf for Top Ender. You thought, it would be great for her to have a green scarf for the winter, as her School uniform is green. Top Ender was about to start at the school and well, you did manage a few inches but you're no further on now six years later!

As punishment we're going to live in your living room and guilt you into sorting us out. We don't care if you give us away, sell us, donate us or something else that we've not thought about, but when your husband comes home tonight he won't be pleased to see a living room full of your junk will he?


So, you'd better crack on hadn't you.


The boxes of craft items.

Pippa's stacks of Craft Boxes and Craft items

PS There is still space under the bed for a couple of us. Just promise us that this time you'll actually get us out and complete us.