Jordans Simply Granola #Review

I'm going to admit something to you, but you must promise not to hold it against me. I often eat a bowl of cereal instead of my lunch or evening meal and so when I was asked if I'd like to review Jordans Simply Granola, I said yes. I figured that it would be a nice evening meal and also shave a few pounds off my budget and possibly my waist line!

Jordans Simply Granola

I started off by having some for breakfast, topping the granola on top of yoghurt and topping the granola with raisins and chopped fruit. I even posted a picture on Instagram because of how lovely it looked.

Jordans Granola with Dried Fruit

And it was. It was lovely. Seriously lovely.

So I had some again, this time with fresh fruit,

Jordans Granola with Fresh Fruit

It was just as good.

In fact, it didn't matter, how I ate it. With Milk. On it's own. On top of Cake. With Ice Cream (and I hate ice cream). In Muffins.

It didn't matter it was just lush.

Seriously lush.

Oh my goodness how lush it was. Yes, was. Was because I ate it all up and rather quickly.

So. What do you need to know in a review about Granola?

It's tasty.
It has a handy resealable ziploc thingy.
It costs £2.69 in Tesco, but it's on offer at the minute and is only £2 until November 11th.
It has no artificial additives or flavourings
The oats are sourced from Nature Friendly Farms.

We were sent the Granola to review.