Weight Watchers Iced Desserts #Review

There are many things that I love about having the evenings to myself. Of course having Daddy away is a really sad thing and the children and I miss him terribly, but as I said I really love having the evenings to myself.

And of course when I say I have the evenings to myself, what I really mean is I go to bed early, watch TV and eat pudding.

One of my Weight Watchers Iced Desserts being Eaten whilst watching Sir Alan on the Telly

I think that most of you will remember that I'm not a huge fan of Ice Cream but the desserts from Weight Watchers have a few benefits for me (and for you too!). The first is that they are a good serving size, meaning that I'm not overwhelmed with Ice Cream but this is good for you because honestly we all need to watch our serving sizes don't we?!

The second benefit is that I am actually still watching what I eat, (I'm not on a diet as such, I'm just more interested in what I'm eating) and so eating a calorie reduced pudding is a good thing. Also with the lead up to Christmas, I know a lot of playground chatter has been about keeping to diets in anticipation of either putting weight on at Christmas or more commonly looking good for Christmas photos and Christmas work dos.

Another benefit of the puddings, is that they are actually nice. I know, who'd have thought it?! Seriously, remember that I don't like Ice Cream and then remember that I'm actually deciding to eat these Ice Creams in my treat time!!!

I had been given some vouchers to buy the puddings and despite these having run out weeks ago, I'm still buying the desserts each fortnight for some treat time.