Do You Deep Clean?

This coming weekend, Daddy, the children and I will put up our Christmas Decorations.

Before we do this however, the house needed to be cleaned and for me it needs to be more thorough than the surface clean that I normally do. In order to get ready for Christmas I have to deep clean the house.

Well, my room and the living room. I deep clean the kitchen every month as an ongoing process (I do a little each day to keep on top of it!) and the children's rooms were deep cleaned the other week (thanks to Daddy) and the bathroom is so small I practically deep clean it every time I go in there.


I started with my bedroom first, it just made sense to me to get it done first. That way after collapsing down dead after doing the living room I'd have a nice bed to collapse on to.

It took me most of a day, but eventually I'd cleaned my entire room. Cleaned under the bed, moved all the units, dusted the lampshades, cleaned the windows, washed the nets, washed the curtains, aired the mattress, changed the sheets, dusted the annoying wardrobe doors, dusted the ornaments... you know normal stuff.

My room looks amazing. Well, I think it does.

My Clean and Tidy Bedroom - just in time for Christmas

It took me the best part of two days to do the living room and den. Mainly because moving sofas, bookshelves, DVD units, computers, bureaus and TV units is a pain in the butt on your own but also because it's been so long since I last did it I couldn't believe how much dust there was down the back of the units.

Behind the TV

My Mum called at one point, and whilst she and I chatted I was busy dusting the baseboards and giving them a quick wipe over with an antibacterial cleaning wipe. I said to her that I remembered being so annoyed at her as a child, as each week my Sister and I had chores to do that basically involved doing a deep clean of the house. Now however, I could appreciate it. Better to do a little each week than a marathon once or twice a year.

Moving the Sofa to clean underneath it

I put on Facebook, that I'd done a deep clean and my friends all started commenting about how they don't bother doing areas that people can't see.

And it made me think.

Am I being excessive?

Was moving the sofa, turning it upside down (it's a sofa bed sofa) and cleaning it from every angle too much?

Was wiping the baseboards with an antibacterial wipe a step too far?

Was moving the TV unit forward to get at the dust bunnies, unnecessary?

Well, I don't think it was and it is my house, so it really doesn't matter what you think.

I am curious though. Do you deep clean the house and clean underneath chairs and sofas and how often do you do it?