Baking and The Lack Of #Review

One of my friends told me off the other day, and told me I should go sit on the Naughty Step.

Me sitting on the Naughty Step

Apparently I've not been baking enough as they've not had any biscuits, cakes or other things (I'm not quite sure what the other things are, maybe they got me confused with someone else) that I'm trying to palm off on people because I've baked way too many for my little family.

She had a point, I have stopped baking recently and mostly because I've been busy with Christmas and playing with the children and I sort of fell a little out of love with baking as I mentioned a few weeks back. It was going to take something brilliant to get me out of my funk and good old Wilko's saved the day when they sent me this brilliant cookie press.

Wilko Vintage Floral Cookie Press

As soon as I had finished baking Top Ender's Birthday cake, I set to work on a gluten free biscuit recipe and soon had fun pressing the three designs on to the biscuits I was making.

Biscuits stamped with the Wilko Vintage Floral Cookie Press

I did bake the biscuits, but they were a little too crumbly to survive being taken off the baking tray, so I now have a tub of biscuit crumbs that I'll turned into a cheesecake last weekend. I've had another go with a stronger biscuit, and the prints come out brilliantly. I have a feeling that I'll be pressing these mottos into everything I bake, including mash potato, for quite some time.

The Vintage Floral Cookie press was sent to me by Wilko's, I've lost the press release and I couldn't find it online so I have no idea how much it is. What I do know though, is that it's helped me get my baking grove back!