There's A Monster In My Closet (Well, now there is!) #NotSoScary

One of my favourite lines in one of my favourite films is when Sulley in Monsters Inc is trying to comfort Boo, and shows her that there is no monster (Randall) in his closet. As Sulley steps into the closet, he realises that he is a monster and standing in his closet and exclaims

Well now there is!

It's this scene that comforts me in the middle of the night, when Big Boy shouts for me to come rescue him from whichever monster is tormenting him whilst he sleeps.

Philips have come up with another idea in collaboration with Disney and have created the Imaginative Lighting range.

The range has been focused on four key areas that parents like me find important reading, safety, playtime and sleep and the items in the range will help enhance time spent by children in their bedrooms.

Philips Disney Lighting RangePhilips Disney Lighting Range

I think the lights are adorable, and never mind BB, I think that I'd quite like these in my room!

Philips is running a great little competition to win one of three great prizes, and all you have to do is submit a picture of your children's monster drawings to the Facebook Wall, or via Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest with the hashtag #NotSoScary.

There will be 10 winners of the 3rd Prize, with each winner reciving a plush toy hand crafted recreation of their monster. (Winners picked by a panel of judges). 

There are 8 winners of the 2nd Prize, who will each recieve a Philips Disney SoftPal, which will be delivered by post.

The grand prize is for one trip to Disney Land Paris (for EU Winners) or to Disney world Florida (For USA and Canada). The prize will be 2 day access to the theme part and one over night stay for two adults and two children and travel costs are included.

There are of course other T&C's so check them out, but I think this is rather a cool little competition!
These are BB's and Top Ender's entries, what do you think?

Top Ender's MonsterBig Boy's Monster

We were given a chance to have our monsters turned into plush toys.