Meal Plan W/C 25/1

I swear the last few weeks have been easier with meal planning for me. I think pretending (who am I kidding, there is no pretending) that we're being extra budget conscious has focused my mind a little more clearly than normal!

Saturday - Home Made Pizza

Daddy is cooking tonight (I make the most of him, when he's around) and making Pizza for us. Top Ender will more than likely eat with my Mum and Big Boy has a party this afternoon that should give him enough food to last until next week!

Sunday - Roast Dinner

We have the Missionaries coming over for dinner this afternoon (we've invited them for a proper Sunday Lunch) and we're having roast Chicken. We know that the Missionaries are always hungry, well in our local area they are, so there'll be a lot of veggies, potatoes and yorkshire puddings to add to the mix and we'll knock up a quick crumble to go with it all too.

Any leftover crumble will accidentally find it's way in to my breakfast bowl tomorrow.

Monday - Jacket Potato and Beans 

It's Brownies night, I've got a lot planned during the day and we're going to need to eat fast. So some Slow Cooker Jacket Potatoes are on the menu, served with beans. Unless you're me, in which case no baked beans, because they are really not a food I enjoy.

Slow Cooker Cooking Jacket Potatoes

Tuesday - Toad in the Hole

The children love Toad in the Hole, and I love making it. As long as it isn't our gluten free version, as I can never make that rise enough. Luckily the non gluten free version is good enough for the children and I and if there are any beans leftover from last night it uses them up, although I'd much prefer onion gravy.

Wednesday - BBQ Beans Mashed Potato Pie

You've guessed my theme for the week right? I have a lot of baked beans to use up. The beans, have a bit of a BBQ hint (which is enough to get me to eat them) and are mixed with a little onion and bacon making this a seriously lush dinner.

 BBQ Beans Mashed Potato Pie

Thursday - Special Egg Fried Rice

I was always a fan of Egg Fried Rice as a child. It seems that during the summer we ate it every night, with Salad and Chicken, although my Mum has told me that it's a fake memory and it wasn't every night, just maybe every other night...

Tonight, we're having my version of it. I'll cook up some rice, add some veggies, some of the bacon from yesterday and of course some egg!

Friday - Chicken and Dumplings Casserole

We're having a treat tonight and having a proper casserole with dumplings. Top Ender and Big Boy will be rather pleased as they love dumplings, and I'll be pleased because it'll have been cooking on low all afternoon and the house will smell TERRIFIC!