DIY Rustic Valentines Wreath

One of the great things about being a blogger, is that you sometimes get opportunities offered to you that you think sound fun. Sometimes, I say yes to these even though I have no right being offered them, being part of the Bostik Craft Club was one of these opportunities that I felt that I shouldn't have been offered as I am terrible with arts and crafts. I want to be good with arts and crafts, but I'm not. Then again isn't that why you all love me? I'm not a perfect cook or craft person, I'm normal (normal is relative!) and for the most part, most of you lovely people reading my blog are normal too.

I got sent a few items, there was a sheet of felt, a piece of card, a card, some hearts, some foam stickers and some glue. I had no idea what to do, I didn't want to make a card because that's obvious and I didn't want to make a pillow, so I went to my arts and craft supplies. I pulled out some pipe insulation and some wool and I created this.

DIY Rustic Valentines Wreath

This is my DIY Rustic Valentines Wreath, and so far four friends have said it looks fantastic, one asked if I was selling them and another asked if I'd do one for her. And my friends are normally some of my harshest critics! The children are creating mini ones for their friends at School and Church and as they are so simple here is how you go about doing it.

Step One: Gather your craft items.

Step Two: Bend your pipe insulation into your preferred shape. A heart is good for Valentines Day, but you could make it a circle or an oval or a square if you really wanted to!

I made the heart, by bending the pipe in two to create the bottom "V" and cutting the two top pieces at an angle which I then glued together using the Bostick Glue and some cocktail sticks to hold it in place whilst it dried.

I wrapped the heart in red electrical tape, just in case the wool didn't cover all of the pipe.

DIY Rustic Valentines Wreath
Please excuse my carpet, I needed to vacuum!
Step Three: I then put on my box set of Private Practice and sat on the sofa wrapping wool around the wreath. It took FOREVER. I used a drop of glue to secure the ends of the wool to the wreath.

Step Four: Cut a strip of felt with a wavy edge, or a straight edge on your felt and then start rolling from one end of the strip until the entire strip is rolled up.

DIY Rustic Valentines Wreath

Glue the edge of the flower to the body of the flower and for extra security glue the bottom of the flower too and allow to dry. Once the flower is dry, stick to your wreath in your desired location.

I added a metal heart to my wreath, (using the same wool I had covered the wreath in) and included a thread to hang my wreath from too. And that was it. A craft, that is incredibly simple and looks great!

Valentines Heart Wreath Tutorial, a craft for not very crafty people!

I was supplied with products to complete this craft, look out for more this year.

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