Minecraft Onesies

Before Christmas I had a brilliant idea of what I could get the children as their something to wear Christmas gift. Whilst trawling the internet I had found the most amazing Minecraft Creeper Hoodies, and I knew that the children would love them. The problem was, when I found the ones I was after, they were a lot more expensive than I was hoping they would be due to shipping costs.

I was dejected.

And then somehow I came across Onesies R Us and I found that they made onesies to order, and even better than that they made Steve from Minecraft onesies.

Steve from Minecraft Onesies

So after measuring the children, I placed my order and waited. I had placed my order after the Christmas cut off, but I was hopeful that the onesies would arrive before Christmas. When they didn't, I was secretly relieved as I knew that if the children had received them on Christmas Day nothing else would have mattered.

They finally arrived this week, and both Top Ender and Big Boy were thrilled with their gifts.

Steve from Minecraft Onesies

If you're looking for a gift for a Minecraft mad child (or adult) then you might want to go and get a Onesie ordered. I'm thinking I might get me an Adventure time onesie, or maybe even one to wear at BritMums live. Who knows, maybe I'll suggest they sponsor me to go to BritMums!

This is not a review, as in the company didn't give me money off, or ask me to post, or pay me etc. I just thought as a parent of two Minecraft mad children that other parents of Minecraft mad children might like the idea of a Steve onesie as much as I did.