Turkey Timings... Reindeer Day

Just before Christmas, Waitrose were really lovely and gave me a great gift. Along with the DVD of Miracle on 34th Street, and a lot of snacks, they gave me this rather fantastic Turkey Timings for a 5kg Turkey, which is what we had at Christmas. Now, whilst I didn't follow this plan exactly (we spent time visiting with our families), I can safely say after having followed it again with a roast since Christmas, that it works out rather brilliantly. 

Roast Chicken

So today, my first official Reindeer Day aka first Christmas preparation day of the year, I present to you the lovely Christmas Cooking Guide...

Turkey Timings Infographic by Waitrose and A Mother's Ramblings

Of course, my prep for Christmas today isn't going to be about getting the Turkey, but I'm going to throw Miracle on 34th Street on and I'm going to start writing my gift list for friends and family for this year. I'm also midway through Valentines Surprises, so had better get moving with those!

Do you prepare for Christmas all year or am I alone on this one? Let me know in the comments, how you prepare before the big day and give me some ideas for gifts that will store well in my gift cupboard!