Main Meal Plan (W/C 18/01)

Last week, my plan for turning our leftovers into a meal the next day worked so well that I'm planning on doing it again this week. I'm also going to try and use up what is in my freezer, because as you know I've been trying to be extra frugal this month, and I'll try to keep that up for the rest of the year too.

Saturday - I don't care Salmon

I saw a pin on pinterest, which asked for the recipe for "I don't care" or "Whatever you like" as that is what the family had asked for dinner. It made me laugh as that is what my family say ALL THE TIME. I've decided that tonight we're having Salmon and boiled potatoes with vegetables.

Sunday - Roast

We have a Chicken Roll in the freezer, which we'll roast for lunch along with home made Yorkshire Puddings (Gluten free and egg free of course), some stuffing from M&S that I got for Christmas and we didn't use, the usual selection of vegetables and some lovely roast potatoes.

I know my family and there won't be any leftovers, which is fine because I know how much we enjoy our Sunday Roast!

Monday - Baked Sloppy Joes

I love Baked sloppy Joes (or sleepy Joes as they are supposed to be called now) and it's a good Monday night dinner when everyone is rushing off to various after School clubs. Well, in my house it is at least.

Tuesday - Mince and Onion Pie

Following on from the success of last weeks pie, I've decided we'll have a pie again this week. I've gone for the classic Mince and Onion Pie, which when topped with some Puff Pastry, should please the children.

Puff Pastry Casserole Pie

Wednesday - Soup and Toasties

Honestly my soup maker makes so much soup these days, it's stupid! The thing is the soup it makes is so great, I can't help but use it!

Thursday - Chicken and Rice Bake

This is an adaptation of a dish my sister makes, it's quite simple as you just mix some uncooked rice into a can of soup, add some water and seasoning before putting the chicken on top of the rice mix and bake in the oven for about 45 minutes.

Once it's cooked, you remove the chicken from the top of the bake, stir the rice and then serve.

Friday - Creamy Pasta with Bacon

I'll aim to do this dish with just bacon, but if there is any leftover chicken from last night then I'll add that in too, otherwise it's simply some creamed cheese mixed in with a few added ingredients I find in my fridge!