The Back To School Clean Up #Review

I was talking with a Mum in the playground after School on Friday and whilst we were flicking through our diaries trying to find a mutual date that we were both available on, we were chatting about our week. It turned out that we'd both kept our diaries free for the first week our children went back to School as it seems that we'd both had the same idea. As soon as the children were back to School, we were going to tackle the cleaning, the sorting, the clearing and I don't know about the other Mum I was talking to but I know that I went for it with vengeance! Luckily for me, I had an arsenal of tools Scotch Brite and Scotch Gard had sent me to help.

Scotch Brite Kitchen Cleaning ProductsScotch Brite Sponge cloth and microfibre cloth

Starting in the Kitchen, I had some sponge scourers, non scratch sponge scourers (perfect for my very expensive glasses!), colourful non scratch sponge scourers, Kitchen Duo, Pot and Pan Brush and Heavy Duty Scouring pads, a sponge cloth and a Kitchen Microfibre cloth. I swear my kitchen and my dishes have never sparkled as much as as they have in the last week.

The Bathroom wasn't forgotten, with a grout scrubber, a microfiber bathroom cloth and a tub scourer.

Scotch Brite Bathroom Cleaning Products

Then there was the Scotch Gard Fabric Cleaner that Daddy used to clean the sofa for me (Thanks Daddy!) and the bedroom floor where one of our cats decided they'd like to "lighten" their load. Thanks Cat, not.

Scotch Gard

And lastly there were the Cleaning and Dusting Microfibre cloth, the Hi-Tech Microfibre cloth and the Window microfibre cloth. All of which have seen more action and been spun in the washing machines more times than I thought was possible in one week.

Scotch Brite Cleaning and Dusting Microfibre cloth, the Hi-Tech Microfibre cloth and the Window microfibre cloth

The best bit of all this cleaning of course, isn't that now my house is all sparkly clean again but that with my marathon cleaning stints over the week I burnt off at least 2500 calories a day according to my calorie counter thingy. Yay me!

The products were sent to me to review.