5 Things To Do Before Bed For A Better Morning

When Daddy and I first talked about him staying in Birmingham during the week and coming home on a Friday night there were a lot of things that I didn't think about, that I now realise my wonderful husband took care of so that I didn't have to. Now, several months later it's got to the point where I'm thinking of doing the small things during the week so that when Daddy is home, he doesn't have to worry about them and can just get on with spending time with the family.

Daddy spending time with the family (He isn't running away honest!)

It was because of this and because I'm a naturally lazy person that I decided that what I really needed to do was share my five things to do before bed for a better morning, as that way I have no excuse for not doing them in the future as you can all hold me accountable.

1) Pick up the Living room/Kitchen/Den/Room you use most.

When I used to head to bed, Daddy would head up about ten minutes after me. In those ten minutes he'd put the throw cushions back on the sofa and put the TV remotes near the TV, put glasses or plates that had been missed during the day into the sink and generally just tidy up after the rest of the family.

Now it's my job and I've grown to love making the living room and kitchen just look tidy ready for the new day ahead. Plus it means when I come stumbling down in the middle of the night that I'm not tripping up over all the mess in the dark.

2) Check the Calendar for tomorrow.

Yup, so simple and yet how many of us actually check the calender for the next day before bed? For me it's a lifesaver because even though I know that I have a hospital appointment for BB coming up this week and the Missionaries coming round for dinner or a school meeting and the friend who can't eat fish coming for lunch or even the agreement that I'll babysit my Niece and feed my MIL's Cat whilst she's away I may forget what day this is exactly supposed to be happening. Checking the calendar just helps me get a better start in the morning and helps me make sure I'm wearing something appropriate.

Oh and whilst you are checking the calendar for you, do the same for the children and if needs be write a note in the childrens home contact book or homework diary or even a note to the teacher if needed. Teachers appreciate a heads up when you're stealing away a child for a medical appointment!

3) Write a list.

I work so much better from checklists and I love that I can print one off my printer without even having to turn the PC on, but that's beside the point. Yes, I do put on things such as get breakfast, get dressed, take the children to School and only because I like to be able to tick things off but it also helps me focus on what I should be doing instead of what I am doing, which is normally turning on the PC to see what has happened in the world overnight.

Plus you know how you always remember something right at the last minute and think I'll remember that tomorrow? I never do remember, so my list saves me!

4) Lay it out.

For some this may mean actually putting knives and forks and things on the table ready for a cooked breakfast (which it does for us a couple of times a week) but it could also be projects for work that are needed the next day, school bags, PE Kits and musical instruments, lunchboxes and water bottles and something we always have laid out is our clothes for the next day... it sure makes it a lot easier getting dressed if everything is in a nice neat pile!

5) Pray/Meditate/Give Thanks/Write in your Journal

I actually do all four, but that's because I'm me, You're you and you'll do it differently because you are you; and that's why I like you. I pray thanks to my Heavenly Father because I believe that it is because of him that I have everything in my life. I meditate after prayer because I find it a good way to normally hear the answers to my prayers and it's a great way to mentally switch off from the day (especially if I've written my list) and be ready for bed. I then write in my gratitude journal what I'm thankful for and write in my normal journal.

Then with the lights being switched off I slip down the bed under the duvet and am in the land of nod in minutes. Which is useful when you get up several times a night to do blood tests on your youngest child.

Anyway those are my 5 things to do before bed for a better morning. What are your top tips for smooth running in the morning?