An Evening Ramble

The children and I were back to our normal routine this week, with Thursday coming round and a return to Beavers for Big Boy. As I may have mentioned once or twice (hehehe), because of Big Boy being a Type 1 Diabetic I hang around outside of Beavers in case of an emergency. The lovely ladies that run Beavers are aware of what BB's hypo signs are etc, and it's just an extra "layer" of security for them and me. Luckily there is a lovely park outside the centre where Beavers is held, a cricket ground just opposite and a lovely lane to walk down which leads to a Canal, so Top Ender and I have plenty to do if we get bored of reading in the car, whilst we wait for BB to finish at Beavers.

This particular week, Top Ender and I decided to walk down the lane to the canal. She wore her new jacket from Muddy Puddles, which was rather handy as it was blinking cold! Luckily unlike Top Ender I have a layer of natural protection against the cold aka Fat.

Top Ender jumping around in the trees

As we were walking down the lane, we were stopping at various plants and shrubs and looking at their berries whilst Top Ender told me how they had used similar berries found on the grounds of the School earlier in the week to make Cave Man type paintings. I surprised myself by actually knowing the names of most of the plants, even doing a quick google to prove some of them! As we carried on down the lane we found a rather large supply of Blackberries and so we decided to help ourselves... after all they were for personal use and so it was all nice and legal.

A picked blackberryTop Ender picking Blackberrys

The blackberries were delicious and Top Ender may have helped herself to a few more than was strictly necessary, but I couldn't blame her. They really did taste great.

Eventually we made it down to the Canal and Top Ender went off to explore under the bridge, leaving me up top to keep an eye out for... well I'm not sure really what I was supposed to be looking out for!

Top Ender bounding up the Canal Towpath in her Muddy Puddles jacket

At this point, my natural protection was starting to not work, so we quickly took a couple of pictures of Top Ender (who was lovely and warm) and headed back to the car for me to warm up. There is a much more detailed review on Top Ender's blog, but from a Parent's point of view the jacket is warm, well made and the cut is excellent.

Top Ender sitting at the Canal in her Muddy Puddles jacket

After Beavers, one of the other Mums mentioned how much she loves Muddy Puddles clothing because it lasts well and most importantly washes well in low temperatures. We've not had to wash the jacket yet, but this bodes well for when I finally do.

We were sent the jacket to review. I'm quite jealous, I want one.