The Milkman's Wallet

On Sunday, I was lucky enough to be able to teach my old Church Primary Class and I didn't realise how much I had missed it! Somehow Sharing Time just doesn't have the same feel for me, even though I always try to make that fun too. Anyway back to this past Sunday. As the lesson was on Tithing (we LDS members pay 10% of our increase as a tithe) I thought that something I could do with the children that they would enjoy was making a Milkman's wallet, so called because Milkman use them. At least that is what my Dad told me.

Milkman's Wallet

So what is a Milkman's wallet? Well, take a look at this video, ignore that I say this is how to make one, I swear I meant work one and hopefully you'll understand.

Magic right?! The children at Church (and of course my children) thought so too. So how can you make one? Well, follow the steps below!

For this craft you will need.

Two strips of card measuring 18cm by 9cm (you'll get three out of a piece of A4).

Four strips of card measuring 14cm by 2cm (you should have enough left from the A4 piece of card).

You can of course play with different sizes etc, but these are the ones that work best for British currency. If you had four wider strips for example, you could keep a coin or two secure, but that's best only if you're a practiced magician!

And this is how you do it.

Lay your two pieces of card side by side. Why? Cos it looks cool.

How to make a Milkman's Wallet

Glue two of the four strips to one side of one of the longer pieces of card.

How to make a Milkman's Wallet

Put the other long strip of card over the top of the little strips, and as close to the other piece of long card as you can.

How to make a Milkman's Wallet

Fold the thin strips over the second piece of card and again secure with glue. It would make sense to put them down a little further than I did as my £5 didn't really fit into this as it was too short!

How to make a Milkman's Wallet

Place the other two strips of card in a cross underneath the long piece of card on the left. Secure the ends as below. The ends on the left go on to the back of the card the cross is on and the strips on the right are secured to the back of the card on the right.
How to make a Milkman's Wallet

Then you simply fold the piece in two where the two long cards are side by side. That's it, one Milkman Wallet now complete. If you were being posh you can use different coloured card to make it look all pretty and if you do, leave a link below to a picture or blog post so I can see as I'm nosey like that!