Let The #100daysofplay Carry On

As the Summer Holidays are drawing to a close, it makes me think about all the fun that the children and I have had together. We made a deal at the start of the holidays that we would eat in the garden as much as possible and that we would do at least one thing a day. It might have been a small thing, like the time we had a car picnic, or it might have been a bigger thing like going and watching the sunset, but as long as we did one "special" thing a day, then we knew that the whole holidays had been spent wisely, well you know we'd made the most of everyday.

Summer Activities

And yet as I said this is nearly over and when the children go back to School and we get back into our normal routine we'll stop eating in the garden (mainly because of the expected cold weather and rain that the UK is famous for in Autumn and Winter). We will stop doing a special thing a day because homework and housework and after school clubs will move back into focus. I don't want to lose this sense of fun, this laid back feeling, this make the most of everyday attitude however so I'm going to try to make sure that the 100 Days of Play campaign that Chad Valley has been focusing on doesn't end for us.

So whilst Top Ender will continue playing with her Doll and Big Boy will no doubt continue to drive me crazy bouncing all over the living room, I like 45% of parents surveyed will continue to scour the internet for fun ideas and inspiration of what fun things we can do.

Chad Valley DollChad Valley Hopper

Playtime to me isn't just a few minutes a day at School, it isn't just a few minutes of time to be squeezed in around homework and after School chores. Playtime to me is going to be a way of life.

We were sent some toys from Chad Valley.