Lego Lunch Set from Store #Review

This School year is an exciting one for both Top Ender and Big Boy. Both children will be taking their SATS this year and Top Ender gets to visit various Schools that she likes in the local area so she can decide which Schools she would like to apply to. Of course it also means that with the start of a new School year, there is even more opportunities for me to creatively make a pack lunch for the children and hopefully get some more brownie points from the Dietician we see every six months or so, as part of BB's Diabetes team. With all the new things, it makes sense that the children get a new lunch set and Store have kindly sent BB a Lego Lunch Set.

Lego Lunch Set from Store #Review

Big Boy was thrilled as he loves The Lego Movie. The pot is quite large ( 6.5cm high x 16cm x 14cm) and easily fits in all of his lunch, an example of which is below (that's two quarters of a sandwich stacked on top of each other, so you can see how deep it is) the only thing missing was the pot of fruit, which BB was filling as I took this photo! The 350ml bottle is a screw cap, which is useful as I'm always sure that the sports cap bottles leak in the lunchboxes, although I've never been able to prove it!

Lego Lunch Set from Store #Review

What I didn't realise, but Big Boy let me in on the secret of is that the bottom of the bottle comes off, and can be used as a cup for the contents of the bottle. It's little design extras like this that make me realise my children are far smarter than I ever was at their age.

Lego Lunch Set Bottle from Store #Review

I really loved the set, and have even borrowed it, when I needed a lunchbox for a meeting I went to the other day, but was reminded by Big Boy that this wasn't to become a regular thing!

The set is £14 and really cute.

We were sent the set to review.