Friday Night Treats

I've spoken before about how I see September as the start of the year and a time for making School related resolutions, and I've even followed up and made sure that I follow through with the promises I make to both the children, the school and myself. I'm pretty sure that making resolutions in the Autumn is engrained from years of British Schooling and I'm sure that even when the children have long left School that I'll still think about making promises (after all that is what resolutions are) in September when I buy myself a new notepad or seven.

New Notepads and sticky notes - review coming up!

The latest resolution that I've made with the children is to do with our weekly routine. 

  • Monday night we have Top Ender at Brownies, so Big Boy and I play computer games together.
  • Tuesday night we occasionally have Faith in God or we catch up on chores.
  • Wednesday night we have Family Home Evening (it's basically a study, prayer and then a few other activities that we do together session).
  • Thursday night we have Big Boy at Beavers, so Top Ender and I go for a walk and play in the park or read.
  • Friday night... well Friday night is treat night.

My first idea, was that one week we'd do something simple like go for a walk in the woods, or round one of the many lakes in Milton Keynes. The next week we might go to a local soft play or a farm or something. The next week we might have a bite to eat out or I might take the children to a bakery and let them pick a treat. The next week we might watch a movie at home with popcorn or nachos and then the next week we'd either start all over again or do something else that we've come up with.

On a Walk in the Woods

I even asked on my Facebook page for suggestions of things to do and got a lot of replies. I didn't specify that it was for a Friday treat, instead I asked "What great fun activities can you think of for children to do after School that are either free or have a low cost?"

Bug hunting at a beauty spot, if it's been rainy make it a muddy bug hunt

Board games - check out boardgamegeek website for lots you have never heard of

Making cup cakes, invest in all the ingredients sprinklings and decorations and they will last for ages x A trampoline is great, again is cost money initially but then great fun, I have all my daughters friends round who live in flats.

Yesterday I popped into my local fabric shop and found a piece of thin patterned material in their bargain bin. It's currently being used as a den, draped over a few bits of furniture in the living room. Might make it into something for dress ups when that novelty wears off (though probably just a poncho as I can't sew for toffee.
Also - save every magazine, leaflet, all sorts. Go to Poundland and stock up on junk and glue, and they can either make a collage or a model. When I was a kid my mum had a special cupboard just for "rainy day" activities where she stored things anyone else would have called junk!
Single Mother Ahoy

the local park for an hour, a long walk (making up games on route, (board games night, Cooking night let them "cook" dinner. Craft Night, Give them a pile of "rubbish" empty cereal boxes, toilet rolls, junk mail etc, a tube of pritt/stapler and challenge them to make a monster. Give them a night off, and just let them play on their own. It's ok.

library visit. Games & activities focused around favourite books.

So I'm still thinking about some great ideas for Friday night treats. What would you most like to do with your family on a Friday?