Bedtime Stories

Recently I've changed our bedtime routine. Just a few small changes, but enough to make our evenings run a little smoother and hopefully encourage both Top Ender and Big Boy to a more peaceful and rejuvenating nights sleep.

Bedtime in my favourite bed linen

Part of the new routine is after they have finished watching a cartoon in bed, or reading a chapter or two of their book, or writing in their journals, or what ever it is that they want to do before I tell them to turn off their bedroom light is that now after saying their prayers with them I tell them each a story. Big Boy likes this because he knows it is putting off the inevitable actual going to sleep part of the routine but his request for stories that he'd never heard before and that I've made up each night is getting a little hard to keep up with.

So I've started to get a little more creative with my story telling. I've started telling stories that aren't technically mine. Basically, I've started telling him plot lines of various films I've seen over the years and just cleaning them up so that they're suitable for a six year old boy at bedtime.

And it's working.

Two nights ago, I told him the love story about a glittery vampire and a girl. He told me he thought it sounded like a silly story, but that he bet girls would love it.

Last night I told him the story of a robot boy who wanted to be human. He didn't really get the Alien ending, but then again I don't think anyone who has seen the film AI did either.

Tonight I told him the story of two young men who travel through time trying to learn enough to pass their History report for the sake of the future.

Tomorrow I'm thinking that I'll tell him the story of a grown man who tries to track down his one love from high school, who there is just something about.

Now, I need your help.

What other films can I edit into suitable bedtime stories for a six year old and please tell me I'm not the only one that does this! Tell me, that you've at least borrowed plot lines from a movie or two to make your own bedtime stories have that wow factor that the blockbuster movies have.