A Summer of GoPro Adventures #GoProAdventures

As you may have guessed from our daily Summer Holiday posts we didn't actually go away anywhere this Summer, but we managed to squeeze a lot of fun in doing the things that we love to do as a family and yes that does include a day where we didn't do anything other than lay in bed! The thing was we'd been challenged, along with some other lovely bloggers, to have a summer of adventures by GoPro. Yes, that's right those of the fantastic little go anywhere camera fame.

GoPro Accessories and camera

To help us, they sent a parcel of the GoPro Hero3+ video camera along with a lot of mounts and a couple of cases and a memory card and then they gave us ten themes or suggestions for our challenges and let us get on with it! Only there was one thing, an incentive of sorts, the "best" video gets a trip to the GoPro Mountain Games in Colorado next Summer... I know right?!

Now, since we got the GoPro's the bloggers working on this project have been chatting what seems like daily, swapping tips and giving each other support and ideas for future projects and we've all been sitting waiting for today (the deadline to publish our posts is today!) and waiting for someone else to press publish first!

Now that someone else has, I present to you... The A Mother's Ramblings Go Pro Adventures!

So what did you think? I personally think that you're going to see a lot of GoPro adventures from us, and there will be a proper review post coming up soon. Oh and just in case you couldn't see from BB's angle, this is a panorama from the top of the trees, just click it to make it bigger.

Panorama from the top of the trees

We were given the GoPro for the purpose of this competition and a review, which as I said is coming up soon!